Medical Biophysics Graduate Student Association

2017-2018 Candidates

Candidates for Elected Positions

Below are the candidates for Elected Positions in the MBPGSA. Feel free to review the Council Positions and information about the Elections.

Downtown President

ILG_3692_e - Tonny Huang.jpg

Tonny Huang

I have been involved with the MBPGSA since my first year of studies, most recently as Vice President and Treasurer, where I maintained the financial health of the association and implemented procedures to improve accountability.

Additionally, I have taken on various special projects during my tenure to improve student experience, including the revitalization of the student mentorship program, coordination of the purchase of departmental apparel, and documentation of student sentiments towards the implementation of the modular curriculum. Outside of MBP, I am notably engaged in leadership at Hart House, where I have a record of effective project and organizational management.

If given the opportunity to serve as your President, I aim to continue the expanding support for student-led initiatives, such as those regarding community outreach and career development.

Downtown Vice-President

Headshot_cropped - May Yin-Liao.jpeg

May Yin-Liao

The Vice-President has several responsibilities, but realistically, they have two main jobs: (1) to ensure that the President doesn’t collapse under pressure, and (2) to take over if they, quite literally, do. In the next 100 words, I will convince you of my capability to do both.

I joined the MBPGSA in 2015 as a general member to help plan the "Last Friday of the Month" pub nights. However, I’m never satisfied with the status quo. Since joining, I restructured the Social Committee and introduced more diverse events, such as wine and cheese, board games, and movie nights, and various interdepartmental events, to include all students and their social preferences. Additionally, I spearheaded the constitutional reform of the MBPGSA, including overhauling the electoral process to warrant fairer representation. I take student advocacy seriously and will use my experience to ensure you are well represented in the department and faculty.

Downtown Finance Representative

DIvanochko - Danton Ivanochko.jpg

Danton Ivanochko

Greetings MBP Electorate!

My name is Danton and I am running for MBP Treasurer. I am a 2nd year PhD student who enjoys fiscal responsibility, and a carefully balanced ledger. I have been a member of the MBP Career Development Association and Community Outreach Committee. With your vote we can maintain our department as the pinnacle of economic fortitude and continue to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Communications Representative

IMG_20170520_153842 - Melissa Prickaerts.jpg

Melissa Prickaerts

Hi MBP! My name is Melissa and I'm running for communications rep. So far I've really enjoyed my first year in MBP, getting to know a bunch of you at Geneva Park and other GSA events. I would be really excited about letting all of you know about the ins and outs of council meetings and about upcoming GSA events. As well, the possibility of working with other members of the GSA and getting to know other MBPers as a member of the MBP exec team would be an amazing opportunity. If I sound like a good candidate, consider me for your communications rep!

Uptown President

Casey Lee

I’m a 3rd year PhD student in Dr. Chuck Cunningham’s lab at Sunnybrook. Since I joined the department, I enjoyed MBPGSA organized events and last year, I joined the uptown MBPGSA and helped out with various activities. This year, I hope to be more involved in MBPGSA and partake in organizing various events!

Uptown Vice-President

Photo - Stecia-Marie Fletcher.jpg

Stecia-Marie Fletcher

I am a second-year student in Dr. Meaghan O’Reilly’s lab at Sunnybrook. Last year, I got involved in the MBPGSA, serving as one of the social representatives. I believe that the GSA is integral to fostering relationships among MBP students and I am extremely interested in its administration.

This year, I would like to take on a larger role, so I am running for vice president. I think that I am a good candidate as I have solid relationships with many uptown students and I have shown myself to be a committed and reliable member of the GSA. I have gained extensive knowledge from helping with several GSA events, such as the Open House, the Interview Day and the MBP Olympics. If I succeed in being elected, I will work alongside the president and other GSA members to ensure that the 2017-2018 year is a productive and enjoyable one.

Social Representatives

_DSC7665 - Yagnesh Ladumor.jpg

Yagnesh Ladumor

Hi MBP! I have been involved in student government in various positions since my first year of undergrad and I believe I can bring all those skills to help improve student life in MBP along with the rest of the MBPGSA.

I was elected the social representative of my residence in my second year of undergrad where I organized events and effectively handled a budget of ~$20k. The following year, I was elected vice-president of the residence council and oversaw the various committees on council. Over the past year, I have also worked closely with the current heads of the social committee to organize events for the department so I have experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the social committee. I would like to continue to the work Mae and Vinny have done by organizing more interdepartmental events and I am always open to suggestion and feedback!

13336059_10157049697405352_7930363825895341145_n - Katie Houlahan.jpg

Katie Houlahan

I am a second year PhD student in the Boutros lab and I am running to be your social representative. This past year I was an active member of both the social committee and the Holiday Party committee, organizing events such as an MBP blue jays game and the annual MBP holiday bash at Hart House. For three years during my undergrad, I was both treasurer and a member of the leadership team, for a student-lead group called Athletes in Action. I organized events such as pancake breakfasts to support student athletes as well as Sport Days for club members.

Social events are important to me to foster a supportive, collaborative environment within our program and I intend to ensure they are fun and inclusive. There is no question, grad school is tough, but if we work hard, and play hard, it can also be a lot of fun!

First-Year Representatives

nluciw - Nicholas Luciw.jpg

Nicholas Luciw

Guy with the beard: that's probably how you know me. I'd like to think I'm more than that, but I'll lean into it for for the sake of branding. In addition to a jawline (see photo), behind this beard is two years of grad-school experience in Toronto — prior to MBP — and two years’ experience on my undergrad student executive. Combined, my past adventures make me ideal for MBPGSA first-year rep.

For my peers, I offer the perspective of one who’s done first year in a grad program — and one who’s doing it again; I offer a confident voice to translate between our cohort and the decision-making, event-planning (money-having) exec.

For upper-year exec, I offer existing experience in combination with the willingness to learn of a first-year youngin’. For everyone, I offer an approachable face looking to make grad school a real good time.

new - jessica petricca.png

Jessica Petricca

Hi everyone! My name is Jess and I'm a first year MSc student in MBP. For the 2017-2018 academic year, I'd be honoured to represent the rest of the first year students and bring up any concerns or suggestions that any of you may have.

I believe it's important to keep MBP strong by working together and remaining cohesive. But, this is only possible if we deal with issues as soon as they arise, and constantly improve our program. As a first year rep, I will do my best to address each and every concern that comes to my attention. I will speak to as many first years as I can about their experiences in our program and I will be easily accessible through email each day.

I promise to represent first year students without bias to effectively achieve our collective goal of having a voice in the department. Vote for me to have a smooth experience in MBP!