Medical Biophysics Graduate Student Association

2019-2020 Elections

Candidates for Elected Positions

Below are the candidates for Elected Positions in the MBPGSA. Feel free to review the Council Positions and information about the Elections.

Downtown President

2019 Jessica Petricca.jpg

Jessica Petricca

Hey MBP! My name is Jess, and I’m a third year MSc student running for the position of Downtown President. As many of you may know, I’ve been Co-Chair of our MBP Social Committee for the 2018-2019 academic year. During this time I’ve assisted with the execution of numerous successful social events including MBP Holiday Party, St. Patty’s Apartment Crawl, Night at the ROM, and we can’t forget our summer ice-cream event! We also introduced Last Wednesday of the Month where the department sponsors our food! Besides Social Committee, I’ve also been a member of the Geneva Park planning committee for the past two years, helped out with Community Outreach, and also been a First Year Representative in 2017.

With your help, this year I plan on becoming Downtown President to coordinate MBP Open House and MBP Interview days, as well as supervise the affairs of the GSA and advocate for MBP students at faculty meetings. Given my previous experience on the executive team, I believe I can easily adapt to the challenges of this role! Let’s have another great year in MBP, cheers!

Downtown Vice-President

2019 Safa Majeed

Safa Majeed

Hi MBP! I am a second year student in the Liu Lab and I am hoping to be your Downtown Vice President.

Over the past year, I have been involved with the MBPGSA in various capacities as First Year Representative and as Co-Founder of the MBPGSA Mental Health and Wellness (MH&W) Committee. As First Year Rep, I organized many new (or lost) initiatives including the MBP logo competition, MBP Merchandise Sale and the new MBP Education Awards. In my role on the MH&W committee, I helped generate a report on the status of student mental health in MBP and circulated this report to faculty. These experiences have allowed me to become familiar with the GSA and MBP admin and will enable me to strongly advocate for the needs of our student body, effectively communicate with the administration, and most importantly, ensure our department stays connected.

If elected, I promise to do my best to ensure your needs are communicated to the department and faculty, and to help make your grad school experience the best that it can be.

Uptown President

2019 Nicholas Luciw

Nicholas Luciw

Two years ago, I sat on the Executive Committee as First Year Rep. Last year, I served as the MBPGSA representative to the UofT Graduate Students' Union. This year, I hope to bring this department- and university-wide policy experience to the role of Uptown President. I plan to keep the uptown social events fun, fabulous, and frequent by encouraging the new uptown Social Rep to continue in last year’s defacto Reps’ example. I plan to cooperate with the downtown president as all UofT graduate students navigate the new governmental Student Choice Initiative. I plan to make all incoming students feel welcome and all current students feel heard as a direct voice to the Faculty Exec. I will be a present and approachable leader and I hope to continue the GSA mandate of making MBP student life productive, wholesome, and fun! Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Uptown Vice-President

2019 Ziyu Tan

Ziyu Tan

I will try my best to do a good job!

Downtown Treasurer

2019 Helen Zhu

Helen Zhu

Hey MBP! My name is Helen and I am running to be your finance representative. I am completing my Masters and just starting my PhD.

Over the past two years, I have been part of GSA in a number of ways - helping social committee plan events like the Holiday Party, as a part of the Career Development crew and running the March Break Camp in Community Outreach.

I love the student community in MBP - we are a tight-knit group of students who knows how to have fun outside of the lab. We are continuously coming up with new ideas for social events and initiatives where we can expand our horizons. However, all of these events take a lot of work and financial planning. That is why I am running for the role of finance representative: to ensure we have proper budgeting and planning to make all of these events possible.

Communications Representative

Helen Jin

Hi everyone! I’m Helen and I’m running to continue being your Communications Representative. The communications rep is a vital role in the executive team, as it is s/he who ensures that you, the MBP students, stay up to date with all things GSA. Such a role requires dedication, organization, and creativity, and I believe I’m the best candidate for the job. As your communications rep this year, I’ve revitalized the GSA social media to help make announcements more accessible, taken diligent minutes at all GSA meetings and town halls to help keep you informed, and helped to rewrite the GSA Constitution to formalize policies within the association. My hope for the upcoming year is to feature more student successes on social media and streamline GSA emails to reduce inbox clutter. I’ve had so much fun being your communications rep and I would love to continue on for the next term.

Downtown Social Representatives

IMG_20180304_121309_555 - Steven De Michino.jpg

Steven De Michino

My name is Steven, and I am a 2nd year MBP student running to be one of your Downtown Social Representatives.

I feel like this is a suitable position for me because I am an approachable, fun-loving, dependable, and organized individual who loves to socialize and meet new people through various events and groups around the U of T (and previously McMaster) area. I have had the pleasure of being a member of your social committee over my past year in the department, and loved the sense of unity it brought between the students of various graduate levels. Within the past year, I have had a hand in the planning of many events throughout the year, including the Christmas Party, St. Patty's Apartment Crawl, and many others. Before my time at U of T, I was a Welcome Week representative at McMaster where I met and welcomed incoming students through the design and implementation of various events and team building exercises in order to make the nervous incoming students feel at home.

I believe that my past experiences and qualities strongly suit the position of Downtown Social Representative for the MBPGSA, and I am looking forward to taking on a more responsibility within the committee in the upcoming year.

2019 Cindy Ha

Cindy Ha

Hey MBP! My name is Cindy, and I’m a 2nd year MSc student hoping to be one of your Downtown Social Committee Reps this upcoming year! If you’ve ever had the chance to run into me (probably at Starbucks), you’d know that I’m friendly, outgoing, and of all things: social! This past year I got the chance to be a part of the Social Committee and help plan events like FNL@ the ROM or the St Patty’s Day Apartment Crawl, and I’m back and ready for more!

I’m experienced when it comes to organizing and planning events – in my undergrad, I cofounded three clubs (SFN Guelph, CARRM@Guelph and Circle K) where we ran meetings weekly and ran several fundraising events each month. Together with Steven de Michino, I’d really like the opportunity to take on more responsibility and have a blast in the 2019-2020 year with you MBPeeps!

Uptown Social Representative

2019 Eric Wang

Eric Wang

Hey there MBP! My name is Eric, currently in my 2nd year of MSc, and I am running to be your Uptown Social Committee Representative.

Apart from perpetually doing tissue culture, I am also known to be friendly, creative, organized, and responsible. I believe the social aspect of the graduate life experience is just as important as the research. I had a fantastic time this past year as a member of the Uptown Social Committee, planning event such as Pi-day, Candy-Grams, Boardgame Nights, Pub Night, and MBP Olympics.

In undergrad, I was an Orientation Week Leader 3-years running at University of Waterloo, where I participated in coordinating and facilitating programmed activities for incoming students. Specifically, I held the role of Fun Police, whose job is to be the catalyst for creating a fun, positive, enthusiastic, and high-spirited atmosphere.

I would love the opportunity in this upcoming year to continue bringing you awesome events while taking on a greater leadership role. Here’s to another great year!"