Medical Biophysics Graduate Student Association


Plan and participate in MBP events


MBP Social Committee


Chaired by the Social Representatives, the MBP Social Committee organizes various events to cater to the social needs of MBP students. We plan annual events, such as the FacMed Halloween Party, Movember x MBP, the Holiday Party, and St. Patty's Day, and compliment these with smaller, monthly events that are more diverse in nature, such as movie nights, summer patio nights, day trips to explore Toronto, and sports games. Every member is given the opportunity to plan and execute an event on their own, so this is a great opportunity to get involved with the MBPGSA.


Katie Houlahan, Yagnesh Ladumor, Ben Grant, Camilla Giovino, Cornelia Redel, Helen Zhu, Jessica Petricca, Karina Isaev, Melissa Prickaerts, Nicholas Luciw, Petr Smirnov, Stephanie Poon, Vinayak Bhandari, Zhenhao Fang


JLM Symposium Organizing Committee


The James Lepock Memorial Student Symposium is an important event, which commemorates the significant contributions of the Dr. James Lepock to research and the Department of Medical Biophysics and provides an opportunity for MBP students to present their research in a conference setting. The JLM Symposium is a student-led initiative, which fosters scientific debate across disciplines, streams and institutes. MBP students have the opportunity to showcase their research in the form of either a scientific poster or oral presentation at the Symposium, and best presenters are recognized with merit awards. This event also features keynote addresses from both local and international experts in the field of Medical Biophysics and is attended by more than 150 students and faculty members every year.

The JLM is a day-long event and is open to all graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, summer/co-op students in MBP and all faculty members in the Faculty of Medicine. Each year, the Symposium Committee plans and executes to deliver a successful JLM Symposium. 


Jenna van Leeuwen, Joseph Longo, Andrea Tench, Ashley Hickman, Cindy Yang, Corey Lourenco, Deborah Ng, Diana Resetca, Mathepan Mahendralingam, May Yin-Liao, Peiran Su, Sasha Doodnauth, Vinayak Bhandari


Geneva Park Organizing Committee


The MBP Geneva Park Organization Committee plans and organizes the scientific programmes for the annual Medical Biophysics Annual Retreat at Geneva Park. This event occurs over three days and allows for students to meet with faculty members in Medical Biophysics and to learn about their research programmes in a relaxed and bucolic setting. We have a Departmental meeting, keynote talk, spotlight talk, and an award banquet, as well as recreational time. Members of this committee connect with faculty, schedule speaker events, and plan recreational activities for students.


Junjie Tony Hua, Justin Burgener, Ruoshi (Kelly) Shi, Amanda Khoo, Fupan Yao, Helen Zhu, Jessica Petricca, May Yin-Liao, Peiran Su


MBP Career Development Association


The Medical Biophysics Career Development Association is a new student-run initiative aimed to connect current MBP students with alumni through panel sessions, workshops, culminating in an alumni reception. Our goal is to offer students with resources to aid in the transition from graduation to employment. Along with our alumni events, we intend to build an online network through LinkedIn to connect the MBP community. We are also collaborating with other graduate career-development associations (Molecular Genetics, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, and Science Career Impact Project) to hold inter-departmental events.


Deborah Ng, Nina Wang, Athena Theyers, Christianne Hoey, Danielle Croucher, Danton Ivanochko, Helen Zhu, Justin Lau, Lauren Podmore, Sasha Doodnauth, Yagnesh Ladumor, Yonni Friedlander, Zahra Shirzadi

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MBP Podcast Series


The MBP Podcast series is an initiative aimed to strengthen our MBP research community by encouraging students, faculty and alumni to communicate to a diverse audience through podcasts and video.This also allows us to promote our research and department to potential students, PDFs and the general public. Furthermore, the podcast and video series would constitute an interactive way for MBP faculty members to engage more with the general members of our department, fostering a sense of community, and increase awareness on the breadth and quality of research being undertaken at MBP.


Ji Zhang, Ronald Wu, Carly Pellow, Danielle Denisko, Fupan Yao, Nicholas Luciw


MBP Community Outreach Committee


The MBP Community Outreach Committee is a newly developed student-run initiative with a mission to promote scientific engagement within the Toronto community at large, by bringing together the expertise of MBP students and faculty to educate and inspire future generations of researchers. This will involve creating, and connecting with existing, science outreach events for MBP students to get involved in (i.e. presenting your research to the general public, talking to high school students, etc.) and general volunteer events.

This past year we organized a very successful March Break workshop for upper-level high school students with an expressed interest in pursuing a university education in biomedical sciences. These students were able to attend presentations from MBP graduate students and faculty members; have guided tours through some of our institute’s scientific facilities; and engage in workshops run by MBP graduate students.

More and bigger events are yet to come, so if you’re interested in doing some good and creating/planning community service events for the Toronto community and the MBPGSA, please join!


Leslie Oldfield, Carly Pellow, Cindy Yang, Danielle Croucher, Danielle Denisko, Danton Ivanochko, Deborah Ng, Helen Zhu, Jenny Lou, Justin Burgener, Melissa Prickaerts, Nadia Bragagnolo, Petr Smirnov, Philippa Krahn, Stephanie Poon