Medical Biophysics Graduate Student Association


The MBPGSA aims to represent the welfare and interests of each MBP student at UofT, while still planning amazing social and academic events to throughout the year. This includes some of our major events like the Geneva Park Retreat, Annual Holiday Party, James Lepock Memorial (JLM) Symposium and much more!

The nomination period for the 2017-2018 MBPGSA election in now closed.

Look at our other pages to find descriptions and responsibilities of all the Council Positions and Committees.

Elected Positions

These positions require a nomination and are voted upon by all MBP students.
  • Downtown President (1)
  • Uptown President (1)
  • Downtown Vice-President (1)
  • Uptown Vice-President (1)
  • Downtown Finance Representative (1)
  • Uptown Finance Representative (1)
  • Communications Representative (1-2)
  • Social Representatives (2)
  • First-year Representatives (2-3)

Appointed Positions

These positions are discussed and decided upon by the new Executive Team (i.e., elected positions), based on interest and previous council history.
  • Graduate Student Union (GSU) Representatives (Uptown & Downtown; min. of 2)
  • MBPGSA Webmaster (1)
  • Head of JLM Symposium Committee (2)
  • Head of Geneva Park Retreat Committee (2)
  • Head of MBP Career Development Association (2)
  • Head of MBP Community Outreach Committee (2)
  • Head of MBP Podcast Series (2)


Students can apply to be members of these committees.
  • Social Committee
  • JLM Symposium Committee
  • Geneva Park Retreat Committee
  • MBP Career Development Association
  • MBP Community Outreach Committee
  • MBP Podcast Series
  • Downtown MBPGSA Member-at-large
  • Uptown MBPGSA Member-at-large

Election Schedule

The schedule for elections this year is as follows:

  • September 25 - October 1: Nomination period opens
  • October 2 - 8: Extended nomination period
  • October 9 - 15: Campaign period
  • October 16 - 20: Voting period

If you have any questions, please contact us.

You can find details about elected positions on our Council Positions page, and view 2017 MBPGSA Electoral By-Laws (PDF).

Good luck, and have fun!