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The Winning Design is....

Congratulations Mojib Javadi! Mojib also gets a free hoodie.

Your shirt design won the majority of the votes!! Thanks also to the other cool submissions, we hope next year there will be many more submissions.

For merchandise details and to order your hoodie :

Black hoody .... $34

Salt & pepper grey hoody (with same design) .... $37

Grey sweatpants ... $25

(with elastic bottom and winning logo small on the hip)

To order contact Vanessa DiPalma (PMH 10-126, vdipalma@gmail.comor Jordan Jarvis (PMH 9-321,

Orders (with payment) will also be taken after downtown seminars this week! If you are at Sunnybrook or unable to make it to OCI to pay for your sweater, please email us and we will arrange for a payment pick-up.

When do we get our hoody/sweats? We are aiming for Geneva Park, so try to place your order by 5pm on October 15th!

Note: Hoodies are American Apparel flex fleece zip hoodies (Go to pick the black or peppered grey to view them)