Medical Biophysics Graduate Student Association

Mental Health & Wellness



The MBP Mental Health & Wellness Committee provides resources and initiatives to address the mental health challenges among MBP students and create a culture within the department that is more conducive to mental well-being. Specifically, the primary objectives of the committee are to:

  • Increase awareness among students, staff and faculty of the mental health resources available on campus and in the greater Toronto community

  • Provide workshops, events and discussion sessions that provide resources and outlets for students to address their mental health challenges

  • Increase awareness and education of staff and faculty of the prevalence and severity of mental health challenges among students

  • Work to bridge the gap between faculty and students in addressing mental health concerns and discussing mental health matters

  • Decrease stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health within the department

  • Open the discussion about mental health and make students in the department feel more comfortable addressing their mental health concerns

Committee Heads

Jacalyn Kelly & Safa Majeed