Medical Biophysics Graduate Student Association

Community Outreach


The MBP Community Outreach Committee is a student-run initiative with a passion for promoting scientific engagement and community-building outreach activities. We believe in equal access to STEM opportunities and partner with the MBP community, surrounding research institutes, and outreach leaders to bring cutting-edge MBP research exposure to younger generations from a variety of socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. Successfully led initiatives include a March Break Camp for high-school students, one-day hands-on scientific workshops, and an e-mentorship program between MBP graduate students and the Foundation for Student Science and Technology. We also engage MBP graduate students and faculty to participate in our non-science related outreach activities, which include partnering with FixThe6 in a 100 for the Homies event to benefit the homeless population in Toronto and partnering with Canadian Blood Services for Team Blood Drives.

If you are interested partnering with us or participating in our initiatives, email us at and check out our past events!

Committee Heads

Danielle Croucher & Helen Zhu