Medical Biophysics Graduate Student Association


Policies and guidelines for the MBPGSA


The mandate of the MBPGSA is to:

  • Represent and promote the welfare and interests of all MBP graduate students

  • Provide activities and services to enhance the academic, cultural, and social conditions of its members

The MBPGSA will aid in determining the direction of advocacy and social initiatives for MBP graduate students. Monthly MBPGSA General Council meetings are open to all MBP graduate students to attend.


The MBPGSA Executive Committees are organized as follows.

Downtown MBPGSA

  • President

  • Vice-President/Treasurer

  • Secretary/Communications Representative

  • Graduate Student Union (GSU) Representatives, and minimum of two (2)

  • Social Representatives, a maximum of two (2)

  • First-Year Representatives, a maximum of two (2)

  • Webmaster


  • President

  • Vice-President

  • Secretary

  • GSU Representatives, a minimum of two (2)

  • Social Representatives, a minimum of two (2)

Standing committees

Standing committees of the MBPGSA also include

  • MBP Social Committee

  • Geneva Park Retreat Committee

  • James Lepock Memorial (JLM) Symposium Committee

  • MBP Career Development Association

  • MBP Community Outreach Committee