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The Inevitable Career Search, The Final Installment


I hope that I have been able to help some people discover a few more potential careers out there that don't involve lab work. I'm going to discuss a few more that I have come across today and probably leave it up to you to find out the rest. I'm just here to wet your appetite, ultimately you'll need to discover your own path - I can only help push you in the right direction.

Technical Writer

These individuals design, write and edit product manuals, handbooks or application notes. There isn't as much creativity involved here as some people may like, but this career will challenge you to communicate effectively in writing. If the protocol for doing something isn't clear, it is the problem of the technical writer. For more information about this type of job check out this link.

Scientific Journalist

This career is somewhat self-explanatory - they write articles about scientific advancements or health care targeted towards the general public. You could work for a publication such as "Scientific American" or "Popular Science".

Scientific Illustration

Do you find yourself drawing rather than doing lab work? Have you ever considered being an artist? Well, scientific illustration might be for you. Most of those textbook diagrams and drawings are done by these individuals. The University of Toronto actually has a program specifically for this career. Check it out here: Jobs in this discipline are a little hard to come by, but they are available.

Technical Support

Technical support specialists can either give customers advice or assistance over the phone, or come in person to fix or troubleshoot an instrument. I recently called a support representative to find out about their organelle dyes and he steered me away from using them for co-localization studies - this just gives you an idea of their daily correspondence. If you are good with tools, you may consider being the one to fix centrifuges or other automated equipment onsite. Here is a sample job posting

Science Policy Analyst

As a scientist involved in public policy, you would analyze, interpret or recommend changes to current policies dictating scientific research regulations and guidelines. If you work for the government in this role you could be instrumental in shaping its direction when it comes to all aspects of science. If you're a policy analyst for a private company your main goal would be to ensure that policies being put in place would not have detrimental effects on the business. You would also recommend internal changes in order to adapt to new policies. Here is a link to a policy internship program in Ottawa

Well for now, I'm unfortunately out of ideas. If you have something in mind that you think people may be interested in feel free to make a comment or send an email. I hope my posts have been useful and that you've been interested in at least 1 of the careers that I've mentioned.

As a corollary I'm just going to list some online jobs sites here for you in no particular order- for once you are ready to start applying.

WorkopolisMonsterPetri DishCanada Job BankYahoo Hot JobsMaRs Job BoardCraigslist Science Jobs in TorontoScience JobsCareer Builder Career Owl

Have any more that you'd like to add? Let us know by leaving a comment! p.s. Generally speaking if you have a particular company(s) in mind they will also post openings on their website so be aware of that.

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