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1. Hunter Gatherer


This Scavenger Hunt event runs all day and each team will be emailed instructions in the morning for clues they need to solve and objects they need to find. The event is perfect for all skill levels with common, scarce and rare objects. Bonus points will be awarded for picture-scavenges!

2. Danger Zone


Team 1 tries to complete an obstacle course as many times as possible in 10 minutes. Team 2 has a limited supply of dodge balls to slow down team 1. All members of a team must complete the course and any team member hit with a ball must restart the course.

3. Three-legged Frisbee


If you thought Frisbee was hard, wait till you try three-legged ultimate Frisbee! The rules are simple but all-around fun is definitively guaranteed. Think you're a Pro at "spinning the disc", we might add some handicaps to even things out a little bit. Like adding an eye-patch to remove depth perception ;-).

4. Nerds on a Plane


Put your engineering skills into practice by crafting an aerodynamic plane out of just your wits and cardboard. Points will be awarded based on the total horizontal distance travelled by the plane. Bonus points awarded if your plane hits Firas.

5. California Kickball


Remember playing this game in elementary school? Bring back the nostalgia and renact this game  from your childhood. Some people know it as Soccer-Baseball, the rule are still the same, so even if you're a beginner, you'll pick this game up in no time.

6. The Missing Gene


So many genes in your pool but only certain ones will uncover the missing link! Your team must pick out the balls marked with clues to put together all the pieces and solve the puzzle.

7. Role Reversal


Gentleman here is your chance to experience first hand how difficult it is to be a lady and likewise, ladies you will get to run around literally trying not to bust your balls. Boys will wear a bra filled water balloons and girls will be outfitted with special underwear with two water balloons between the legs. Objective? Simple, get to the other side of the course with all your balloons intact.

8. Exocytosis


A new spin on tug of war: instead of moving the middle of the rope past a certain mark, each team will be enclosed in a drawn “cell”. Each team will have to try and pull each other out of their cell.

9. Quizzics


Do physicists know more biology or do biologists know more physics? This Jeopardy style game show promises to be a hoot! Scoring for the game is simple (read: no it's not):  if you're a physicist and you choose to answer a physics question, the point value for a correct answer is half and the penalty for a wrong answer is double! The team with the most points overall wins! Be sure to diversify your team!

10. Capture the Flag


Really? You need an explanation for this game? Team B has to capture Team A's flag. Problem is, you have to be quick and crafty otherwise the other team will put your in jail and you'll be out of the game till someone rescues you. You better vote for this event, it promises to be LEGEN-wait for it.....DARY. LEGENDARY!

- MBP Students Union

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