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Summer Fun In The City

Now that the excitement over the G8/20 summits and FIFA is over, a lull has descended upon many of us. How are we supposed to fill our days now? Thankfully, there is always something going on in our fair city. I’ve put together a short list, by no means complete, of some of the goings-on and happenings in the city over the next couple of months:

  • Canopy Theatre presents a production of Twelfth Night at Philosophers Walk (behind the ROM). Its on this week and next, 8pm, student tickets are $8 and can be purchased through the UofTtix box office:
  • The Warrior Emperor and China’s Terracota Army are on display at the ROM.  Originally discovered in 1974 in northern China by farmers, the Terracotta Army is a type of funerary art buried with the First Emperor of Qin.  It is estimated that the three pits contain over 8 000 soldiers, along with hundreds of chariots and horses, and date back to 210 BC. The Mausoleum of the First Emperor is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The exhibition at the ROM showcases many of the artifacts from the time of the First Emperor, along with 10 life-size terracotta figures.
  • Summerlicious runs from July 9-25, so get your reservations in fast! Lunch for $15, or dinner for $25 is a great deal (and economically friendly for grad-students) at trendy t.o. restaurants. The full list of participating restaurants can be found at
  • Have a long incubation period over the lunch hour? Why not take a walk to Nathan Phillips Square, where you’ll find a Farmer’s Market every Wednesday (local produce and fresh flowers) and international treats every Thursday (from $5 and under), 11am-2pm, until August 26. Noon hour concerts by local musicians are an added bonus!
  • For those with a little more time and willing to go outside the city, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival is a great idea. This season, Christopher Plummer (of Sound of Music fame) will be starring in The Tempest. PlayOn tickets at $25 each are available for those aged 16-29. Check out for more info.