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KFC New Double Down Sandwich Might Increase Your Employment Opportunities!

I know this is old news, but at the time I didn't realize the real contribution of this monstruousity! For all of you guys working in cardiouvascular related projects (like me), worry no more - thanks to KFC and this new sandwich, you will have lots of work for years to come. Thank you KFC for improving our job security.

The Double Down is two slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese, two pieces of bacon and the mysterious Colonel's sauce and instead of a bun, there are two slabs of chicken!! I know you thought that McDonald's syrup-injected pancakes/buns was the apex of absurdity, but you know you can always count on the food industry to come up with new ways to kill you. I can't wait for the new "chicken-butter-filled-bacon-with-cheese" sandwich between to slices of lard ....

Nutrition Facts for the Double Down:

Nutrients Regular Double Down Sandwich Grilled Double Down Sandwich
Serving size (gms) 241 253
Calories 540 460
Calories from fat 290 210
Total fat (gms) 32 23
Saturated fats (gms) 10 9
Trans fat (g) 0.5 0
Cholesterol (mgs) 145 185
Sodium (mgs) 1380 1480
Carbohydrates (gms) 11 3
Dietary Fiber (gms) 1 0
Sugars (gms) 1 1
Protein (gms) 53 61

ps: Yes 1380, I did not add a zero... that's the equivalent required amount of salts of 3 days!!

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