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Seminar: Maya. Cosmovision and Spiritual Roots

In October I attended a seminar on Egyptian Spirituality and Wisdom, which was given by a wonderful speaker and philosopher Denis Bricnet. We learned about Egyptian society, got introduced to hieroglyphs, their symbology and philosophy. Denis is coming back from Montreal to give another seminar, this time on Mayan vision of the Cosmos.

I visited Mayan pyramids during my trip to Mexico. Standing next to such ancient structures felt amazing. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to learn about Mayan civilization, and I would probably never find time to learn about them on my own. So, I am really excited about this seminar, and would like to invite anybody who is interested in history or philosophy to join me.

The seminar will take place on Saturday, January 22 at 1 pm at the Center for Social Innovation. The price for the full-time students is $15. (see poster and website for more details).

The event website:

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