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How Science Can Help You Fall in Love

[Photo credit: Samuel Oduneye]

...The best way to get students interested in scientific studies is to give them hands-on experiences that get them excited about the subject matter. In chemistry courses, teachers accomplish that with test tubes and mysterious liquids. In a course I taught recently at the University of California, San Diego, on relationship science, I piqued my students’ interest with exercises on, well, love...

My plan was to write an insightful, clever and timely review of the article "How Science Can Help You Fall in Love" written by psychologist Robert Epstein (contributing editor of the Scientifican American). Unfortunately, my  time management was not impeccabile (stay tuned for an upcoming post on time management), so I'll just have to leave you guys with the link to the full article 'after the jump',  for you to read and share with your loved one on this day. Happy Valentine's Day! Download full article HERE

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