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The Snowpocalypse That Never Was

[Photo credit: Samuel Oduneye]

A few weeks ago Toronto was supposed to be hit by one of the biggest snow storms since the dawn of time ... the hype machine was so big that people preemptively stocked up on food, took the week off work. Meteorologists try to outdo each other by predicting how many meters of snow Toronto was going to be hit with. Well it turned out that the "snowpocalypse" was just to a bit of heavy flurries, as the main pictures shows (I took that picture that morning on my way to the take Sunnybrook shuttle). Anyways if you are ever find yourself in a city with a real snow storm and potential for power outages here are some recommendations from Lifehacker on how to stay productive:
1.  Charge up your devices the night beforehand
2. Charge up any extra batteries
3. Dig out your old phones (this to me was a bit comical)
4. Get the most out of your battery life
5. Use your car as a phone charger when you really need it
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