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Making Pretty Graphs In Matlab

As I am taking a break from writing a paper I'm currently working on, I decided to share a link that I think some people will find useful. I've spent the last couple of hours modifying the graphs I had created in Matlab so that they are not only "pretty" but so that they are also publication-quality graphics. The tips come from a guest post on Loren Shure's "The Art Of Matlab" Blog... yes I know what you are thinking (there's a blog for Matlab)...In the words of the author of the post:

In my graduate work, I used MATLAB extensively for doing analysis and visualization. Often times, the plots that I created were used for my publications. It was then when I started to explore the flexibility of Handle Graphics to customize MATLAB plots in order to create publication-quality graphics. Ultimately, I was able to use MATLAB almost exclusively for my plots.

Let me walk you through the step-by-step process of how I did it. I'm using some fabricated data, but the plot is very similar to the ones I generated for my research.

The link to "Making Pretty Graphs" or here

Now back to work....