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Workshop: Mastering Your First Student Seminar

Are you a 1st or 2nd year student preparing to give your first student seminar? Want to learn how to take your first seminar from good to great, perhaps even legendary? Your MBP GSU is organizing a few workshops for you on how to give great seminars. We're aiming to run at least one workshop uptown and one workshop downtown. Please let us know what date and time are best for you by answering the appropriate polls below. Of course, while workshops will give you valuable advice, nothing can replace knowing one's talk inside and out, which can only be achieved by practice. For those without a lab group to whom they can present before their seminar, or for those who would simply like extra practice, we highly recommend booking a room, gathering a few peers, and asking them to provide constructive criticism.

If you need help booking a room or would like a few more pairs of critical eyes and ears, please contact anyone on the exec and we will gladly help you organize a practice talk.

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