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The JLM Symposium Wants You! Here is Why

Bullet-proof your resume. In addition to journal publications, posters and oral presentations constitute yet another way of bolstering your academic C.V.  Rome was not built in a day, and neither is a great resume, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Hone your presentation skills. Being able to convey your ideas and findings in an eloquent and concise manner is an integral part of being a successful researcher. The JLM Research Symposium presents a unique opportunity for MBP students (especially first years!) to confront their fears of public speaking and practice presenting to a diverse scientific audience (hint: think MBP seminars!)

Compete for prizes. Veterans of the scientific conference circuit will also get a chance to square off against past and new challengers. Prizes (and bragging rights) will be awarded for best poster, as well as best MSc and PhD oral presentations.

Peer feedback/Showcase your research. Participation will also enable you to garner valuable feedback from your fellow peers.  Getting an outsider’s perspective is sometimes what is needed to get you thinking outside of the box.

Note: Abstract submission will be open from April 4 - May 18. Fill out the registration form and submit your abstracts (500 words or less) either to or through our online form.