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Tree Planting at The Downsview Park

Every year, in April, people gather together to plant trees at Downsview park. This year the event took place on Sunday April 17th. Despite the snow, hail and strong wind, many enthusiasts showed up to take part in creating a beautiful park. I’d like to share some highlights and pictures with you.

I came with the New Acropolis School of Philosophy to practice the philosophy in action. As my teachers say: “Philosophers don’t just dream about the better world, they act to make it better!” We really had to use our will, discipline and enthusiasm to enjoy tree planting regardless of external circumstances. And it was truly a wonderful experience! Our boots and clothes were covered in mud, but we left feeling happy. I would definitely do this again!

I think it would be great if MBP could participate next year. May be, plan it as an event? I will not be a part of MBP at that time, but I will be really glad to see you guys there!

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