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Where arts meets science ... all happening this week end!

We've all got some creative "artsy" side to us, even us Star Wars/Star Trek loving MBP scientists (I don't mean to generalize...). If you're feeling creative and inspired this week end, then you should try to attend the Subtle Technology Festival happening from May 23-27th, 2012. Subtle technology is a Canadian organization which aims to bring together artists interested in science, and scientists who have an edge for the creative arts. They hold a number of workshops and mini conferences (i.e the art science camp) throughout the year. This week end is the big one! Tickets are discounted for students, so make sure to check it out if you've got some time...

The main symposium themes are as follows:

  • Friday May 25: Art, technology & science ideas, selected from a variety of different fields
  • Saturday May 26: Biology and Art — artists and scientists who share an interest in biology
  • Sunday May 27: The Immortal Body—events inspired by the story of Henrietta Lacks, cell technologies, medical research and the body
Check out details at: There is even some exhibits by ex-MBP students. Cheers!