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Post-doctoral and Graduate Opportunities at Robson DNA Science Centre

Dr. David Schriemer from the University of Calgary has reached out to MBP to recruit individuals interested in precision therapeutics and proteomics.

Details can be found below.

The Robson DNA Science Centre at the University of Calgary is actively engaged in defining the structure-function properties of DNA damage repair pathways – from event detection to resolution – with a long term goal of positively influencing cancer therapy through precision therapeutics.

Within this broad goal, the Schriemer Lab works collaboratively with RDSC scientists to provide targeted interactomics data for repair pathways, and develops innovative MS-driven technologies for integrative structural modeling of key protein-DNA complexes in repair.

We are seeking applications for:

  • A post-doctoral scholar with skills in proteomics/mass spectrometry to support the definition of repair complex using new methods in proximity proteomics.
  • A post-doctoral scholar with skills in structural or computational biology, to assist in the integrative modeling of repair complexes and the ongoing development of Mass Spec Studio for such purposes.
  • Graduate students with an interest in the biology of repair, and an interest in proteomics and structural biology.

The Schriemer lab maintains access to advanced proteomics and computational resources, with additional capabilities available through the adjacent SAMS Centre for Proteomics.

Interested individuals should contact Dr. David C. Schriemer for further information and provide a CV.

David C. Schriemer, PhD.

Professor, Dept. of Biochistry & Molecular Biology

Robson DNA Science Centre, Cumming School of Medicine

University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

Ph: 403-210-3811