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Computational Models for Identifying Cancer Susceptibility and Pharmaco(epi)genomics

For those interested in computational biology, pharmacogenomics, and epigenomics, there is an upcoming workshop at the Fields Institute that is designed for you.

A number of students from MBP and other researchers at UHN are hosting a workshop on Friday June 8th to address interesting problems in these areas. There are 5 main topics that will be discussed:

  • Identifying non-coding regions associated with vulnerability of cancer cells
  • Identifying cancer stem cells using genomic and epigenomic profiles
  • Biomarker discovery for targeted cancer therapies
  • Predicting synergy between drugs in combination therapies
  • Identifying essential genes using CRISPR screens

This workshop is open to all grad students, postdocs, and other researchers from UofT, Waterloo, McMaster and other Fields-affiliated universities.

More information, including registration details, can be found on the Fields Institute website.