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Crossing The Rubicon: A Master’s Journey

(By Badr Idsaid)

Crossing the Rubicon: A Master’s Journey

Crossing the Rubicon signifies passing a point of no return, and by winding up in MBP, many of us have done just that. From now on, you can either succumb to the grueling burdens of graduate life or divide and conquer. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your graduate experience:

Breathe. You did not end up here out of sheer luck. You are here because you have a set of skills that can make a great scientist. The admission committee saw that and surely, you should see that too.

Get yourself a partner or appreciate the one you already have. Life is harsh as it is, having someone that can share your ups and downs will go a long way in helping you cope. Beware however, choosing the wrong partner is the surest and fastest way to crash and burn.

Friends. If finding and retaining a significant other sounds more like a chore than a coping mechanism, then surround yourself with friends. Isolating yourself will only exacerbate your daily angst and ultimately, take a heavy toll on your work. And remember: “A good friend is cheaper than therapy”

Make Friends with your city. Don’t forget that Toronto extends beyond the confines of your lab. There is a brave new world out there waiting for you, and it would be a shame for you to leave it undiscovered. Take time off to get to know the city where you will be spending the next 2-6 years of your life.

Get organized. Organize your thoughts, organize your feelings and most importantly organize your time. Knowing how to manage your time and commitments will keep you from crawling into a fetal position when the going gets tough.

Find a Hobby. Contrary to popular belief, endlessly browsing the Internet (as you are doing right now) does not constitute a hobby. Generally, the quirkier the hobby the better. Examples include: Cloud watching, miniature building, voodoo dolls and pole aerobics. These seemingly frivolous activities will keep your sanity when everyone around you will have lost theirs.

And if all else fails, do yourself a favor and buy a snuggie.