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MBP 2009 Zip Hoody Design Contest

1. Submit your design - Details: - Put your design on the zip hoody template. Attach this file as well as high-resolution files of the images/text to be used on the shirt. - only jpg images in RGB colour will be accepted (not CMYK); - Entries can be hand drawn or created on the computer; - A maximum of 4 colours to be used in the design; no gradients - The shirt itself can be any colour you want - The design must be 100% your work; No copyrighted images. (However, you can use the MBP logo, included below)

Design submission deadline: Wednesday Oct 7th - email to

2. Following the design submission, everybody will have a chance to vote The winning design goes on our MBP hoody.

3. Winning designer gets their hoody free! Shirts will be available by Geneva Park.

MBP logo

MBP logo


Good luck!