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And It Wasn't Even H1N1


Our website was hacked!

Yes, we were attacked by a nasty virus able to hide within our website invisible links to "bad" websites (whatever that means).

The result was that "Big brother Google" blocked our beloved MBP site and most people were unable to access our invaluable content.  But now we are back and we have recovered from this terrible pandemic: hopefully we'll never have to deal with this again.

In the few days that we've been out of commission a bunch of interesting things happened in our department and all around us:

1. There was the Annual Christmas Luncheon organized by Imaging Research group

2. We had the fantastic MBP Annual MBP Holiday Wine & Cheese

3. Toronto "finally" got snow

4. Tiger Woods....err... enough of that already!

5. 30% of Ontario residents received H1N1 vaccination (link)

More fantastic news/events/posts to come....

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