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It's called...the iPad. And it's here to change the world (Part 1)

I promised my next post to be dedicated to the end of Paper Lab Notebooks, but on Wednesday January 27th, Apple released the device that pretty much every geek has been waiting for (to either bash it or adore it). It's called, the iPad.

Here is the illustrious Steve Jobs introducing this little device to the world:

Instead of posting my thoughts on its' limitless potential and use-case scenarios, let me do something different ask the people in MBP: what do *YOU* think about the iPad? Where do you see the iPad fitting in with your life? What are your questions/concerns/criticisms?

I'll collect all your questions from the comments below (feel free to leave anonymous q's), and try and address as many as I can in Part 2 of this post (as well as my thoughts on where the iPad is going)

.... Fire away!

P.S. Let's try and keep the comments mature and thoughtful - the internet is full of hate, I'd hate to give a voice to internet trolls!

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