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We Are What We Eat!

Long time ago I realized that by changing our diet we could solve many health problems. So, despite the disapproval of my family, I slowly started to change my diet and healthy eating has become my hobby.  Currently, I am a pescaterian, which means that my diet consists of plant food as well as fish. This way I eliminate from my diet the hormones and antibiotics that come with meat. Yeas, I know that many fish have high levels of mercury and PCB, as well as cholesterol and fat, but I am not ready to say “no” to it yet.

Recently, I came across a lecture by Dr. Michael Klaper who is a family physician that implements nutritionally-based therapies in his practice to treat patients with cardiovascular diseases, obesity and adult onset diabetes.  My MSc. research uses atherosclerosis as a disease model and I have read quite a lot on this topic. However, I had no idea how the arteries of the person who is having a bypass surgery look on the inside and I was shocked to see so much fat! Most people know about the dangers of fatty foods but not all realize the extent of it. Also, some products we don’t even view as harmful but in reality they are. For these reasons, I decided to share this video with you. Dr. Klaper has an excellent presentation style and sense of humour. I hope you will like this one!

Firas Moosvi