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Sunnybrook Research Institute’s Best Summer Research Project

Congrats to the awardees of the "Sunnybrook Research Institute’s Best Summer Research Project Poster competition" (try saying that 3 times very fast, we have an award for that too!):

The awardees for each discipline were:
For CE – David Katz – 1st place award
Supervisor:  Don Redelmeier
Project title:  Are Habituated Motorists Generally Safe Drivers?
For CIB – Alvin Lee – 1st  place award
Supervisor:  Robert Jankov
Project title:  Effects of Rho-Kinase Inhibitor on Chronic Inflammatory Lung Disease in a Neonatal Rat Model
For CIB – Lauren Greenwood – 2nd place award
Supervisor:  Yana Yusanova
Project title:  Acoustics vs. Kinematics: In Search of a Diagnostic Measure
For IM – Stefan Hadjis – 1st place award
Supervisor:  Rajiv Chopra
Project title:  Treatment of Prostate Cancer using MRI-Controlled Transurethral Ultrasound Therapy: from 2D to 3D
For MCB – Hiten Naik – 1st  place award
Supervisor:  J.C. Zuniga-Pflucker
Project title:  Activation of the Delta-like 4 Promoter by FoxN1

A total of 108 summer students were hired through Research Administration for the time period April 1, 2010 and September 30, 2010.Of this total, 25 were hired by Clinical Epidemiology (CE), 2 hired by Centre for Health Sciences Services (CHSS), 31 were hired by Clinical Integrative Biology (CIB), 31 were hired by Imaging Research (IM), and 17 were hired by Molecular Cellular Biology (MCB). Of these, a total of 28 entered the Best Summer Research Project Competition poster session, 5 from CE, 0 from CHSS, 11 from CIB, 4 from IM, and 8 from MCB.

Each first awardee received a cheque for $500, an individual Ice Award, a Certificate of Excellence signed by the VP,

Research, and their name will be attached to the department plaques.  The second awardees received a cheque for $300

and a Certificate of Excellence.

The judges were:

CE – Chris Denny, Nick Daneman, David Juurlink

CIB – George Mochizuki, Gary Turner, Bimal Lakhani, Mike Vesia, Laura Middleton, Walter Swardfager

IM – Bojana Stefanovic, Rajiv Chopra, Lak Chinta, Martin Van Raaij, Robert Staruch, Arvin Arani

MCB – James Carlyle, Arun Seth, Aruz Mesci, Jason Fine, Peter Chen, Stephanie Bacopulos, Oscar Aguilar, David Allan.

The Sunnybrook Research Institute Summer Student Program also provides funding to supervisors who compete with a

particular student in mind.  Of the 28 applications received 16 were funded.

The Sunnybrook Research Institute also provides an Orientation and Seminar Series for their summer students.

Samuel Oduneye