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MBP Girl’s Night - We put the "MBP" in Mary Kay!!!


Our MBP May Kay Girl’s Night was a huge success.  The event was held last week in honour of the Week to Prevent Violence Against Women.  About a dozen beautiful ladies came out, ate delectable brownies, drank delicious hot chocolate, and pampered their skin in every way.


Our fearless instructor Shirley Hung taught us to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and protect our skin.  Something I didn’t know before this event: you can exfoliate your hands! And they feel amazingly soft after! ........ (more below)


When matching foundation to our skin tones everyone soon realized that almost all of us have the same paste-y white skin tone! I think the Mary Kay Company might even rename the Ivory 2 shade to graduate student glow…


It was a great night in all.  It appears that MBP ladies love the bold look and Mary Kay will soon have a shortage of bright RED lipstick….


If anyone would like to order Mary Kay products from Shirley she can be contacted at: