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Presenting at a scientific conference? Don't sweat it!


Do you have to present at an upcoming scientific conference? Are you just shaking at the thought of it? Do not worry, our colleagues at the graduate school of Arizona State University share their tips for giving killer presentations as a grad student in their series "Strategies for Success".

Although, these tips are meant for graduate students, I believe that some of these tips could be beneficial for everyone, including supervisors (except the ones in our department of course!)

To Listen to the full audio click here or:


These are in summary some of the Do's when undertaking this endeavor:

1. Dress professionally 2. Practice, practice, practice 3. Introduce yourself to the moderator or panel members 4. Be professional 5. Don't read your slides 6. Show enthusiasm in your work 7. Give an honest answer to critical comments 8. Do not engage in an argument during Q&A

[via iTunes "Nuts and Bolts of Presentations - Dr. Linda Vaughan, Nutrition"]