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How to be Profitable in Science- From the Bench to the Boardroom (EVENT)

Message from Nspire-Nbtc which is a student run organization that specializes in merging Business and Technology together ----

From the Bench to the Boardroom: How to Make Profit in Science

For all aspiring science students, there will come a day when your research and hard work in the lab materializes in to a truly novel idea. However, when this does occur will you be adequately prepared to take your idea to industry? Brilliant as you are, there are various issues you may overlook when taking your research and using it to start your own business. For instance, how do you protect your intellectual property? How can you acquire the needed start-up capital and what strategic partnerships may be of benefit?
Nspire is offering answers to these questions and more at our year opening event. Our three-speaker panel is comprised of highly renowned experts with extensive experience in academia as well as industry. They will guide you through the necessary steps needed to take your research to industry and ensure that you succeed.
Come and join us for an unforgettable evening!

Read below for event details:

The speaker panel includes:

Dr. Bill Milgram, CEO and Founder of Cancog, and Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences
Lahav Gill, CEO and Founder, Kangaroo Design Inc.
Dr. Ameer Taha, Scientific Officer, Certo Labs Inc.
This event is presented to you by Nspire in partnership with the American Association of Pharmaceutical Students (AAPS) UofT Chapter.
  • Date: Thursday, January 14th
  • Time: 6-8 PM
  • Location: Red Seminar Room, Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research (CCBR)
  • Address: University of Toronto, 160 College Street
  • Refreshments will be provided.


Dr. Ameer Taha, Chief Scientific Officer, Certo Labs Inc.

Ameer Taha invented the science and chemistry for Certo’s product. He was responsible for developing novel chemical methods that allow scientists to extract samples more accurately in less time. Ameer’s work was awarded the $100,000 Martin Wallmsley scholarship by the Ontario Centers of Excellence.

Currently, he is responsible for testing Certo's technology in live laboratory settings and collaborating with key industry players in the analytical lab market.

Ameer received his PhD in Pharmacology from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto in 2009. He holds a MSc in Nutrition and a HBSc in Biology from the University of Toronto. Currently, he is working on a second start-up called Gradconnect Inc. which aims to help fellow graduate students find employment.

Dr. Bill Milgram, CEO and Founder of Cancog, and Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough

Bill is an expert in the neural circuitry involved in stress responses. His research activity centres on the brain's response to seizures and the effect of aging on cognition and brain structure. Professor Milgram's research is supported by very large grants from the National Institute of Aging (USA) and NSERC with additional industrial support from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. He has published 84 papers, edited a book on "Neuroplasticity, Learning and Behaviour', and is writing a textbook on 'Behavioural Neuroscience' for Prentice Hall. He is part of a large research group with Professor Cotman at the University of California at Irvine and Professor Muggenberg at the Loveland Research Institute in New Mexico that is involved in a long term analysis of aging and cognitive decline.

Lahav Gill, CEO and Founder, Kangaroo Design Inc.
Lahav Gil is a senior Industrial Designer and product development expert with 22 years of experience in commercialization of emerging technologies and a special interest in ‘designing for a better world’. He has actively participated in the design and launch of numerous high tech products resulting in more than $200 million in sales. Mr. Gil specializes in implementing strategic Industrial Design as part of the corporate strategy, branding, product positioning and the roadmap to commercialize advanced medical technologies.

Lahav is the CEO and founder of Kangaroo Design Inc., a Toronto based Product Development firm offering services to the medical devices/diagnostic industries, operating in Canada, Europe, Israel and the Far East. Kangaroo works with some of the leading medical device and high tech innovators in Canada such as: IMRIS, Axela Biosensors, PreMD, Ultrasonix, Traxtal, Vivosonic, Creo-Kodak, OceanWorks, Exceed Biomedical, fSona communications and others, and has business relationships with organizations such as Siemens Medical Solutions in Erlangen, Germany and MaRS DD Innovation Center in Toronto.

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>> Nspire is proud to present the 2010 National Business and Technology Conference to be held this March in Toronto